quarta-feira, 31 de março de 2004

Epa, isto passou por aqui um vento auspicioso...

O ponta já faz crónicas das aulas, o djanga deu-lhe um vaipe
The Theory of Everything

A physicist explains how superstring theory fits into science's ultimate goal of unifying quantum theory and relativity.

By Dr. Michio Kaku

The greatest ideas in science unify vast amounts of knowledge about our universe. Some of them include:

Quantum theory, which gives a comprehensive understanding of the atomic and molecular world, helping us to understand stars, energy, matter, etc.

Relativity theory, which gives a comprehensive understanding of the cosmos, including the big bang and black holes.

The DNA theory of life, which gives us a comprehensive way in which we understand the evolution of all life on earth.

The Chalenge of unification

Together, relativity and quantum theory summarize the sum total of all physical knowledge at a fundamental level. The greatest challenge today is to find a theory which can unify the quantum theory with relativity. Finding such a theory is the thrust of my work.

Such a unification would be the crowning achievement of all science, giving us a theory of everything. The best (and only) candidate today is called string theory, which states that all matter is nothing but vibrations of a superstring vibrating in 10 dimensions.

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